Are you an Eco-traveller? Do you believe in the benefits of connecting with nature and in the authenticity of rural areas? Do you feel attracted to Andalusia? Are you looking for an inspiring environment to get some work done while you rest?


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If you feel attracted to Andalusia and this way of travelling, living and working, we would kindly ask you to take  five minutes   of your time to answer the following anonymous questionnaire, in order to help us to meet your expectations:

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Cabilaco is a sustainable rural coliving and coworking space that we are creating in the Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena in Andalusia. It is designed for people who believe in the benefits of connecting with nature and in the authenticity of rural areas.

The Sierra de Aracena, in contrast to well-known and frequently visited cities, such as Malaga or Seville, offers a closer and special contact with the local population and its natural, cultural and historical heritage. It is a perfect location for people who are looking for inspiration and development of their ideas. Working while living in small communities and in a natural environment helps them to improve their concentration, creativity and productivity.

We want to provide you with a new and welcoming space to enjoy the following experiences:

Lodge in a unique and welcoming way, eating healthy and delicious food (local and organic when possible, the best ham in Spain, vegetarian/vegan options), being surrounded by like-minded people to share unforgettable moments

Create and develop your ideas in adaptable workspaces, connect to an empowering community, exchange knowledge and participate in a variety of interesting events (entrepreneur’s meetup, workshops, Startup Jam Sessions…)

Relax, have fun, discover, learn, take care of yourself and grow by practicing activities such as: linguistic/cultural exchange, guided tours/visits on foot or by bike, introduction to agro-ecology/permaculture/mycology, painting/ceramics workshop, music/dance lessons, tasting of local products/collaborative cooking, meditation/yoga/feldenkreis…

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