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#01 Cabilaco_EN

On 24th – 25th October we held our first pre-inauguration event, a meeting between friends and followers in our new space. During the workshop itself we were taught by local soap expert Sete how to create the soap itself using sustainable preparation techniques and mix in local plants and flowers to create unique scents from each pot. A bit like a chemistry class, except this time we had something to take home afterwards, and learned how to reduce the consumption of products that are harmful to one’s health and the environment. 

Meanwhile our chef Jetske would be in the kitchen, preparing a variety of meals using organically produced, local ingredients: salad with pomegranate seeds, pork with gravy, vegetable soup, chocolate tart and bread with sauces from the Middle East were just a few of the many dishes people were able to try. And of course, there was plenty of free time to play fetch with the dogs, walk around the nearby area or relax and chat by the fireplace. All this also created an opportunity to forge partnerships with initiatives whose values mirrored ours.


Download the programme (Esp) here