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We are looking to hire a Marketing & Communication Assistant Intern starting from October 11th, for a minimum of 6 months.

Internship Description:

  • Preferably students with a Marketing & Communication degree
  • Date of beginning: October 11th, 2021
  • 2 weeks trial period as a volunteer (20 hours/week)
  • 6 months contract on a remote based (10 hours/ week)
  • English fluent / Spanish fluent or intermediate
  • You will have the opportunity to experience Cabilaco and discover the authentic andalusian countryside.

We are looking for a highly creative intern for this position, with strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape, including various social media platforms, and a good level in creating an online community to promote Cabilaco.

You will work along with the Cabilaco Founder & CEO and support her in the design of Cabilaco’s social media strategy and marketing plan, as well as improving Cabilaco’s Website.

The intern hired for this position will need strong critical thinking skills in order to be part of the Cabilaco team. We are very excited to welcome a highly motivated intern seeking  challenging offline and online experience.

During the trial period of 2 weeks, the intern will be working as a volunteer based at Cabilaco in Aracena.  Food and housing will be provided with no charge. 

After a successful trial period,  the intern will be hired as remote Marketing & Communication Assistant  Manager for a freelance contract of 6 months within a fixed rate of  250 euros / month. At the end of the contract, Cabilaco will be happy to pursue  the contract under better conditions depending on how the weekly working load increases. 

Internship Responsibilities include (but are not limited) to: 

  • Designing and monitoring a Digital Marketing campaign
  • Creating, planning and sharing posts across all social media channels
  • Using our content, re-sharing from our partners as well as creating our own and promoting our events, offers and community members
  • Gathering information on the topic of Coliving & Coworking
  • Increasing followers and engagement on all platforms 
  • Reaching out to new members/followers/potential buyers 
  • Moderating the Facebook Cabilaco Community page
  • Analyzing metrics (Google Adwords, other online analytics or SEO is a plus) to improve performance and reach of social media and online content

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and experience of marketing 
  • Understanding of social media platforms 
  • Creative
  • Knows how to use Canva or other tools for social media design/sharing/planning
  • Excellent in verbal and written communication (in English and Spanish)
  • Good understanding of Microsoft and Google tools (Office, G Suite)
  • Knowledge of the Coliving/Hospitality industry
  • Experience within working remotely
  • Strong work ethic and motivation to succeed
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail necessary to handle multiple projects
  • Good teamwork


  • A new experience into Marketing field 
  • Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings
  • Opportunity to practice Spanish, to be part of the Cabilaco community, visit the Sierra of Aracena and live the Cabilaco experience.
  • Flexible schedule for students
  • Ability to work remotely


  • Candidates who meet the required profile can send their CV and a covering letter to before October 6th, 2021
  • Please specify in the subject line of your email «Application for the position of Marketing & Communication Assistant Intern».


We are looking for long-term and responsible candidates to help with: 

    1. Our vegetable garden
    2. Wood restoration
    3. General maintenance
    4. Cleaning 

You will have the chance to discover and to appreciate the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Aracena and the Picos de Aroche natural park of Huelva (Andalusia). 

You will be introduced to local people, to the first members of the community project, and to people who are involved in local sustainable development and the collaborative economy. You  will also have the opportunity to practise Spanish and other languages.

Cabilaco’s Founder will be very happy to share her knowledge and experience with you.